5 Differences Between Tissue and Crepe Paper

Both tissue and crepe paper are two easy to find items, especially when we stock both in a variety of bright colours. Our coloured tissue paper is mainly used for coverng lanterns, though this isn't what it is only for, (take a look at our other posts).

Coloured tissue paper can be used for many things; wrapping paper, petal garlands or add a 3D effect to your kids art work. Make those animals come to life with some colour.


While on the contrary, crepe paper wouldn't work on withy lanterns, though I'm sure someone has tried as this paper is somewhat thicker and has a wrinkley type texture. The best uses for crepe paper are colourful confetti, paper twine as well as making beautiful wrapping paper out of it.


Colour Tissue Paper

  • Each sheet is 70cm by 50cm.
  • Has a smooth texture.
  • Only 17gsm in weight.


Crepe Paper

  • Each fold is 500mm x 3m.
  • Has a wrinkley texture.
  • Roughly 32gsm in weight.