Cellophane 4.5m Roll Red

Red Cellophane Roll - Translucent, 50cm x 4.5m, 24gsm

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Discover the vibrant versatility of our Red cellophane roll, perfect for a wide range of creative endeavors. This high-quality, translucent cellophane offers a burst of colour to any project, from arts and crafts to elegant floral arrangements. Explore the features and possibilities of our red cellophane rolls:

Dimensions: 50cm width x 4.5m length.
Thickness: 24gsm, providing a perfect balance of durability and flexibility.
Material: Acid-free, ensuring longevity and preservation of your creations.
Food Safety: Appropriate for culinary uses, adding a vivid touch to your food presentations.
Colourfast: The vibrant red colour won’t run when wet, ensuring consistent quality in all conditions.

Versatile Uses:
Arts & Crafts: Ideal for a variety of craft projects, including scrapbooking, gift wrapping, or custom decorations.
Floral Arrangements: Adds an elegant touch to bouquets and centerpieces, enhancing the natural beauty of flowers.
Light Play: The translucent quality creates captivating light effects, perfect for stage decorations, window displays, and lampshade crafting.

The lively red hue of our cellophane roll is perfect for year-round occasions, particularly enhancing:
Valentine’s Day: Add a romantic touch to gifts and decorations.
Christmas: Create festive and cheerful holiday crafts.
Chinese New Year: Complement traditional red themes for luck and prosperity.
National Days & Patriotic Events: Ideal for adding a vibrant red to your thematic decorations.
Educational and Artistic Events: Great for school projects, art classes, and creative workshops.

Whether you're a professional florist, an event planner, a passionate crafter, or someone who loves to add a personal touch to special occasions, our red cellophane roll is an excellent choice for bringing your creative vision to life.