Cellophane 4.5m Roll Red

Cellophane 508mm by 4.5m Roll - Red

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  • Cellophane will make a great addition to your Willow Creation.
  • Coloured Cellophane can be used in addition to the Wet Strength Tissue panelling or as panelling itself.
  • The clear wrap will give your Willow Creation a fantastic injection of colour and a surface that light will beautifully reflect off.
  • It has many uses in the classroom and at home too; try to make stunning stained glass effects or create beautiful window displays. Apply to a window and watch and enjoy the rainbow effects as light streams through the colour filter.
  • This shiny blue wrap can also be used for wrapping items and 3D modelling projects - giving a super crinkly feel!
  • Laid flat it has a smooth flexible surface, is easy to cut and can be glued with PVA.
  • The cellophane wrap can be easily added to your Withy structure with PVA glue.
  • The Cellophane is supplied on a roll and comes in 508mm x 4.5-metre rolls.