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Craft & lantern willow withy sticks for lantern making.

Buff Willow is great for 3D modelling, sculpting and forming the skeleton of your willow lantern.

These willow Sticks are between 5ft and 6ft in height and come in a tied bundle. 10kg equates to approximately 400 - 500 sticks.

These are a naturally product so the specification of willow sticks in a stack will vary they start fairly thick (about 1cm) and then taper to a thinner end.

Withies can be bent into shapes and secured with masking tape, gaffer tape or wire then covered in wet strength tissue paper to make amazing structures.

Naturally, willow sticks have good flexibility but for more complex structures try soaking them in water overnight - a bath is always a good option!

All our willow is grown in the UK

Willow withy sticks are naturally very flexible but you can make them more so for more advanced structures.

Soak the willows sticks in water for 24 hours and they will be super malleable. You can put in the bath overnight or use a large plastic bag.

Once you have bent into the shape you want simply secure with masking tape or wire. Then you are ready to cover with wet strength tissue paper.

Willow Stick Length - between 5 and 6 foot

This is a natural product so each bundle and stick will vary

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
sarah griffiths
there is a lot there

the willow appears to be in good condition and I look forward to using it

Pam Golds
Excellent service

Despatched really quickly, I had a few problems with the delivery company,
But it was sorted out after a couple of days.
The withies were great, I shall be ordering again

jennie quigley

Happy with delivery and especially cost of postage

Rebecca Quirk
Came really fast, great service but disappointed about the colour variation of the willow

Came really fast, great customer service when I called and asked questions, but disappointed about the colour variation of the willow. Would have been good to know that some of the withies would be almost white rather than the traditional brown buff, as it's for festival decor and makes a difference.

Sami Houchin

Fast delivery and quality willow thank you